About You

You’re here because you have so much going on that it’s overwhelming. You’re frustrated and exhausted. You need space. You need to sit at your desk and not bury your head in your hands because there is so much to think about.

So much to figure out, to get off your desk. All in one day, and always from scratch (or piecemealing other people’s shit together as a temporary fix, even though it wasn’t designed for your needs).

And instead of building and creating, your ideas are pushed to the backburner. You’re always on the fly and playing catch-up. Constantly putting out fires. Even the tasks you thought you handed off? Half the time, you’re chasing people down or heaving a big sigh and end up doing it yourself.

You’re here because workflows and processes are what you’re missing, and you’re sick of spinning your wheels and staring at a blank screen.

Imagine a world where your business runs in the background and DOESN’T need your constant attention. Instead, your team and projects, all the details and moving parts…they’re all flowing, with clear processes that the whole team knows how to use. All without you having to think about a thing. Your time is freed up so you can focus your time and energy on the things that only YOU can do to grow your business.

Your workflows and processes are based on templates that are delivered directly to you. Whether you need a foundation for where you are now, or a whole new system so you can scale to the next level, I’ve got your back. Finally you can do what you do best, with a whole lot less stress.

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About Me

Hey there, I’m Lany Sullivan. The right-hand woman to my clients, like you, who are stuck in the 6-figures and ready to level up to 7 or 8-figures.

I get you there fast because I’ve fully owned the operations side of dozens of businesses. I know what templates you need for project management, team task follow-ups, contractor supervision, organized (and WORKING) systems, SOPs for reliable and repeatable workflows… and more.

Essentially: I’m the “get shit done” person who holds the answers to what stands between you and the crap that slows you down and takes up all your time.

I’m all about High Tech – High Touch – High Action.

I work with CEO’s who end their day wondering what the hell happened in the last 8 (let’s be real, more like 12) hours.

Sound familiar? Well…

If you’re ready to quit getting bothered by the details, or are over constantly explaining and re-explaining how you want things done in your business (not to mention how onboarding works, what your leave policy is, and who people are supposed to be asking for help)…

If your dream world includes increasing profits because your business is in a flow state with powerful processes and systems in place…

If getting your shit together and finally having a SYSTEM would change your life exponentially…

Then it’s time to take action.

Don’t just take my word for it...