What if you were able to remove everything from your plate and put all of your focus on building your vision and impacting more people…. without sacrificing revenue from your established streams of income?

This is your chance to grow your business with effective tools and resources that will create more revenue and give you more freedom.

We created 50+ DIY templates to help you build profitable & efficient operations systems and workflows in your business

All files and templates are customizable and come with instructions on how to customize, use, and implement into your business. Once you complete your purchase, they will be delivered to your inbox and you can dive right in!

Need an even MORE customized solution? We’ve created a way for you to get exactly what you need, as you need it.

We call it the Mix and Match! Pick any individual templates that suit your specific business needs. Each one has been developed with the intention to help you grow and scale your business and your team.

Does the thought of doing this on your own feel overwhelming? We get it. It can be a ton of work, especially if you don’t have a team to support you.

Are you ready to:

  • Stop feeling stressed out…
  • Provide better service for your clients…
  • Remove the overwhelm and anxiety…
  • Have more free time…
  • Create more…
  • Travel more…
  • And have a higher functioning business?

Today's your lucky day!

As you grow and scale your business, you need to build a team that will grow with you, believe in your mission, and become strong pillars in your business’s foundation. It’s important to have clear processes in place to onboard your team so they will feel more confident and excited to work with you.

  • Onboard new employees systematically, so they have confidence in you and your company.
  • Establish outcomes and set expectations, so the entire team knows what they are working towards and why.
  • Create strong employee ambassadors that love, embrace and promote the vision of your company.
  • Terminate team members who may not be a good fit as your business grows and scales.

What if you could expedite the process and the ease of onboarding a new client by reducing the back-and-forth and creating a smooth experience that Wow’s them from the very beginning?

  • Onboard new clients systematically so they have all the information they need for a smooth experience and are thrilled to work with you right off the bat!
  • Establish clear boundaries so you aren’t up until 9pm answering emails and rushing to complete projects by next business day.
  • Create client champions so they keep coming back for more and reduce the need to constantly hunt for prospects, as you find yourself with a constant stream of referrals who are already hooked and know you can solve their problems.
  • Terminate a project and clients that are no longer working so you can focus on doing the work that makes you happy.

                                Organizational Workflows and SOP’s

Free up time for yourself and your team so you can focus on creating the impact you desire, maximize your revenue, and trust that your business infrastructure is unshakeable.

  • Implement a simple process to completely organize, automate, and outsource your communications, so you can reduce feeling overwhelmed when you open your email and other communication channels.
  • Build a Get Shit Done workflow, so you can check your tasks off your list and move forward with less stress and angst.
  • Run efficient weekly team meetings, so everyone feels their time was respected, they have clarity and can continue to work towards specific outcomes.
  • Review daily and weekly progress reports, so that at a glance you can see where the team is producing, where the blocks are, and where you can shift and course correct.

What happens when your business is challenged by loss, death, Acts of God, or pandemics? It’s vital to have clear systems and workflows in place that are established long before a crisis hits.

  • Build in quality control systems, so you can reduce costly mistakes that are frustrating and time-consuming to fix.
  • Implement a Business Impact Analysis, so you can manage crises before they begin.
  • Develop a clean-cut methodology for implementing Contingency Plans, so unexpected disruptions like a world-wide pandemic don’t burn your business to the ground.

With Operations Done for You™, you can HAVE, DO, and BE more in both your life and business…all without lifting a finger.

We come in, take everything off your plate, and give you back a brand-spanking-new, smooth-operating business machine of your dreams.

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